12 Best Overseas Vacation Destinations at Very Cheap Costs

If you are bored of vacation only in the country, maybe some of these countries are vacation destinations abroad with very cheap costs without draining a lot of your savings. In some of these countries ranging from food and drinks to lodging and entrance fees to tourist attractions are also very cheap.

Here are 12 holiday destinations abroad at a cost of ± 30 $ per day:

1. Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with many tourism objects. Starting from the beach, mountains and various kinds of arts. In Indonesia, it has a tropical climate, so you can at any time act to go to this country. The most interesting thing about this country is that there are several things that support your trip, namely:

– There are online vehicle applications in each city (Grab & Gojek), so you can immediately know how much it costs.
– many tour and travel companies in every city. And for tariffs on each trip package can be seen online.
– so many types of food. This can make your trip more meaningful in its journey. Typical food costs are ± $ 2 – $ 5.

2. Cambodia

Besides Indonesia, the Southeast Asian country that is often the main target of foreign tourists is Cambodia, if you vacation here the cost of living is very very cheap. The cost of staying at the hotel can be around ± $ 3- $ 10 per night. Food and drinks are very cheap. The most expensive fee you will only pay when you enter the famous Wat Transport area, costs around ± $ 23 – $ 30, the rest is cheap.

3. Vietnam

Are you a culinary connoisseur? Surely you will never regret coming to Vietnam. In this country you can enjoy various kinds of snacks and culinary at cheap prices. Only by bringing in $ 10 worth of money, you can sit on a plastic chair on the edge of the street while enjoying typical Vietnamese cuisine. For cheap bus tickets and accommodation tickets themselves are only around ± $ 15 – $ 30 overnight.

4. Laos

Another Southeast Asian country is Laos which is visited by many foreign tourists, because the cost of living in this country is relatively cheap. For the cost of staying in the bungalow, you only need to pay ± $ 15. The average street food costs around ± $ 2 – $ 7. If you visit this country, try to eat on the streets of Laos while enjoying the beautiful banks of the Mekong river.

5. Sri Lanka

For tourist attractions located in the region of South Asia, namely Sri Lanka, in Sri Lanka you can use the train with a ticket price of only ± $ 3. Even the cost of staying one night is only about ± $ 6- $ 10. Not only that, you only need to spend ± $ 2 on traditional foods like curry and rice. Very cheap isn’t it? Not only that, you can also visit various kinds of Sri Lanka national parks, at a cost of $ 12.

6. India

The other countries in the south Asia region are India. In this country is one of the cheap tourist destinations. Its thick culture is the main attraction for foreign and local tourists. For the cost of living, this country is relatively cheap even cheaper than in Indonesia. According to data circulating in the Consumer Price Index, India is at 26.27%. That figure is 13% lower than in Indonesia. You can enjoy food at an Indian restaurant with only about $ 12, a cup of cappuccino coffee costs $ 3, then 1 liter of milk costs $ 1 and bread prices are $ 2 – $ 3. In addition, the taxi fare is very cheap and you can order it with your smart phone.

7. Egypt

This famous country with the name of a thousand pyramids is Egypt, in this country can be a choice of your vacation destination at a low cost. For the accommodation itself, you only need to spend around $ 5 a night. As for a typical Egyptian food package you can pay $ 3. For those of you who are going to visit this country, you only need to spend $ 6 to visit the pyramid. Interesting right?

8. Poland

For tourist destinations in Europe, one of them is in Poland. Here is famous for its low cost, and there are various historical and architectural sites that are very luxurious and classy, which can give a different impression for you as a traveler. Even so, the cost of living in Poland is the cheapest when compared to other European countries. One package of food in a typical Polish restaurant is very cheap, around ± $ 10.

9. Greece

Some of you may think that vacationing to the land of these gods is expensive. But you know, Greece is one country that you can visit at a low cost. You can enjoy a variety of culinary delights such as spinach pie, and a relatively cheap place to stay, coupled with stunning beach views and the distinctive style of housing in Greece that has a white roof added to the beauty of the country

10. Albania

Albania and Croatia, both of which are countries that have an atmosphere of beauty in the Balkans. But for matters of cost, Albania is far cheaper than Croatia. The cost of lodging in Albania is only around ± $ 13 a night. Not only that, you can also enjoy various types of good food and quality at low prices. Especially for those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of a balkans country at a low price, Albania is certainly the right choice.

11. Nicaragua

Nicaragua, which is in the Central America region, is a country that you can visit for a low-cost vacation. Many interesting attractions and shows that can be enjoyed. There are also special foods from this country that you must eat when visiting there. For lodging prices, the average price is ± $ 13 – $ 20 per night.

12. Bolivia

In general, the cost of living in Bolivia is cheap and affordable. You can use public transportation at very cheap prices. Lodging and hostel are almost all affordable. You can enjoy food in the restaurant for only about $ 5 – $ 10.

Choose your Destination Country
So what, you who want to go on vacation this year have already determined where your next vacation destination is? Are you going on vacation abroad with a very cheap price or enough in the country even though the price is more expensive? All choices are up to you.