What Should You Eat For Breakfast?

Breakfast is a source of your energy to live the rest of your day and breakfast is also a key to your health. But can you do breakfast just as easily?

We certainly have done, because of the busy hours and the tight schedule we eat whatever is available as our breakfast menu. Whatever menu w During this time we always hear stories that breakfast is the most important but we don’t see that what we eat at breakfast also makes breakfast as important as people say. The menu you eat during breakfast turns out to also affect your future performance.

So what should we eat at breakfast? We must ensure that our breakfast is not only easy to achieve but also contains the following components.

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1. Protein

Make sure you involve protein in each of your breakfast menu. Why protein? Because protein can reduce your hunger for a longer time than carbohydrates. Protein helps reduce the production of the hormone ghrelin which causes hunger and increases the peptide hormone YY that makes you full. Protein is also longer to digest than carbohydrates, so you also feel full longer.

Besides that protein also provides health benefits such as for heart health,

There are many sources of protein that can be used as your easy breakfast menu. They are not only easy to obtain but also easily processed such as eggs, meat and nuts.

Eggs are foods with high protein content and easy to obtain. In 100 grams of eggs contained 13 grams of protein. Indeed, the content is not as much as red meat or poultry meat, but eggs are easier to obtain.

Besides that eggs also contain complex amino acids in which eggs contain nine complex amino acids needed by our body. Not only that, eggs also contain biotin and vitamin B6 which play a role in protein absorption.

For protein sources such as red meat, poultry and fish meat is also good for consumption, moreover the protein content is very large. But if you have difficulty processing it into a breakfast menu because of limited time then you should consume it for lunch or dinner.

In addition to animal protein sources, protein can also be obtained from nuts, and this is perfect for those of you who are vegans. In nuts, like almonds, besides containing protein also contains lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

2. Carbohydrate

Consuming carbohydrates for breakfast is not always bad. There are various carbohydrate food sources that you can make as a breakfast menu.

Carbohydrates function to maintain the function of your brain and as a primary energy source. For that, make sure you also consume carbohydrates at your breakfast.

Choose a complex carbohydrate menu for your breakfast menu like oats and wheat. Complex carbohydrates give you the advantage of feeling full longer as well as protein because the high fiber content makes it longer broken down.

In consuming carbohydrates, also pay attention to the limitations because if excess can also affect your sugar levels. As with wheat despite its many benefits, some studies say it cannot be consumed every day because of its bad effects.

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3. Vegetable and Fruit

Your body also needs fat and vitamins every day and you can get it through vegetables and fruit. Vegetables and fruit do not provide as much energy as given by carbohydrates but they provide benefits in the form of complex vitamins. Besides that, fruit also contains fiber which is good for your digestion and saturated fat that is suitable for your body.

Some types of fruit are consumed for breakfast, such as bananas and avocados. You can consume these fruits along with other complex carbohydrate menus such as oats and cereals, so the taste of your breakfast menu increases and is more enjoyable to enjoy