Understand The Double Cleansing Method

An important step of your skin care routine is to clean your face. To get optimal results you must clean your face from the remnants of makeup, dust and dirt. If you do not clean your facial skin properly it will cause new problems on your face, such as acne.

Cleaning the face skin cannot be done with origin. Dirt that sticks to your facial skin can not only be cleaned with a single wipe. A more complex cleaning step is needed than just cleaning with face wash soap or regular cleaning fluid to get skin that is completely free from the rest of make up and dirt.

To overcome the problems arising from the lack of proper cleaning methods, now appears double cleansing method introduced by a Japanese skincare products. Double cleansing applies a method of facial cleansing using 2 steps, first cleanser and second cleanser. For the use of this type of cleaning product can be adjusted to your skin type. This method has proven effective in removing the remnants of your makeup, and cleansing the skin well.

1. Double cleansing steps

As mentioned earlier, that in applying double cleansing you must use oil and water based cleansers for first cleanser. Oil-based cleaners will help to make up your makeup, such as your eyeline, mascara, lipstick and foundation. This oil-based cleanser is also easier to dissolve the remnants of your make up, so that it is enough to be rubbed gently and the rest of your makeup is lifted. For types of oil-based cleansers, you can choose according to your skin type. This oil-based cleaner is available in various forms such as make-up remover, cleansing oil, cleansing milk. However, if you don’t like oil-based cleaners you can use water-based cleansers such as micellar water and cleansing water. The use of basic cleaning agents also depends on your skin type.

After doing the first stage then the next thing you have to do is clean the face with a second cleanser, such as facial wash and facial foam. The function of this second cleanser is to remove the remnants of dirt including the rest of your initial cleanser, so that the skin becomes completely clean.

2. The right time for double cleansing

Do a double cleansing method only when you wear makeup. Even if you don’t leave your house or use makeup you need to clean your face before the next skincare routine, but you don’t need to do double cleansing. Simply cleansing your face with facial wash alone is able to clean your face well. Too often doing double cleansing can overwhelm the oil and moisture levels on your skin. It is recommended that double cleansing be done at night, before going to bed.