Some ways to help you start get up early routine

Morning is the time to begin your series of activities that day. You start your day from the time you open your eyes and various activities that you do afterwards, until you leave for work.

Wake up in the morning seems like a trivial routine. Everyone must get up in the morning, but does everyone make waking up early as a routine?

Why should wake up early in the morning?

Many say that successful people always wake up earlier than most people. They always wake up a few hours before sunrise and have started various activities.

Starting your day early will give you plenty of time to prepare yourself. Not only to prepare your work completely but you also prepare your physical and mind to start the day. By waking up before sunrise will provide many opportunities to you to do a variety of activities such as exercise, meditation and breakfast.

Getting up early in the morning also provides many benefits for your health. Air condition and sunshine in the morning support you to get a healthy body.

Getting up early and starting activities early also helps you to improve your daily productivity. The positive energy that you create from waking up early helps you to have a good day.

How to get up early?

Apparently waking up early in the morning is still something routine that can not be run by any person. Although getting up early gives you many benefits but many people still haven’t implemented it successfully.

Sometimes we see the necessity to complete the work, meet up with friends, and a day off the next day, which made us decide to add hours of sleep and wake up late.

The following are things you can do to get up early:

1. Use your alarm

Using Alarm is a classic way but proven effective to wake you up. For those of you who live alone, of course the alarm clock or alarm on your cellphone is the main tool to wake you up.

If you feel heavy to wake up earlier than you normally wake up you can try to set your alarm time 30 minutes from the usual time. Don’t set your alarm during critical hours, set your alarm clock when you should start the morning without being late.

When you are used to getting up early you can advance to 1 hour. Feel the differences and benefits provided after you advance your wake-up time, and you will get used to starting the day at that hour.

2. Sleep Early

To be able to get up early you also have to start sleeping early at night. One of the keys to be able to wake up in the morning is enough rest, so the desire to get up early you are not hindered due to lack of time to rest.

When you wake up in the morning you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go through your day.

Ensuring that your body is fully charged when you wake up means that you have enough sleep.

Make sure the body rests when the time comes. Avoid staying up when not really needed.

3. Make sure you get quality sleep

The amount of time you sleep does not guarantee the quality of your sleep. To get up early easily and fresh one of the things that you make sure is your quality sleep.

Even though you have enough sleep time but if you often wake up at night it will make the body feel weak in the morning. Your body will want to rest longer.

Make sure you do not drink caffeine-containing drinks before going to bed so that they don’t keep you awake. In addition to making your bedroom as comfortable as possible, good and cool air circulation.

4. Put the alarm out of your reach

Not only do you have to set your alarm a few minutes earlier than when you normally wake up but you also have to put your alarm clock or cellphone out of your reach.

When your alarm sounds you will be forced to stand up to turn off your alarm, and it gives you a stimulus to stop your sleep. If you put your alarm too close, there is a possibility that you turn off the alarm when it sounds and go back to sleep.

5. Have a Strong Desire

Starting the habit of waking up in the morning means changing your daily routine, and it requires not only effort but a strong will. You can also plan or schedule activities the night before that can make you have to get up early.

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