How to Stop Complaining

No one likes complaining, and complaining is not a good habit. Too much complaining further increases your negative feelings. Complaints arise because we always see the worst part that happened to us at that time. Complaints arise when you do not get what you expect, things do not happen according to your wishes.

Complaining not only brings negative feelings to yourself but also to your social environment. People do not like when you complain too much, if it is done once in a while they are still able to receive it. If you complain too much, people will consider you as a person who is less grateful and the bad atmosphere that you cause from complaining often makes people reluctant to be close to you.

The following are things you can do to reduce the habit of complaining.

1. Self-reflection

Not everyone realizes that they have a habit of complaining. Complaining is a sign that you cannot accept the situation that is happening to you, but you also do not want to find a solution to resolve the situation. Accustomed to complaining makes you think of it as a normal thing to do.

Increase your gratitude to reduce your complaints. Everything does not always go according to your wishes and you must be able to accept it. Focus on the things you have got, and that will help divert you from the bad feelings that cause you to complain.

2. Control yourself

After you realize the habit of complaining about your next thing you can do is hold yourself back when the habit arises. Complaining habits will not immediately disappear just by realizing that the habit is wrong but is obtained from training to change it.

Restrain yourself when you will complain by choosing to be quiet instead of choosing other words to say is the best step. Stopping words before coming out of your mouth will help you to ignore your negative feelings and forget them immediately. Not all of the negative feelings you feel should be ignored. If your feelings are unbearable you can choose to tell someone you trust and try to find a solution, so you will not complain about it at any time. With the fewer complaints you make people will feel more comfortable feeling around you.

3. Focus on solutions

Often we complain about someone’s behavior, and instead of directly conveying what we complain to the person concerned, we actually convey to others. To stop your complaining habit, you must be firm about the behavior you don’t want.

Focus on finding solutions to the problems you face. By choosing to focus on solutions you will forget about your feelings of disappointment and despair. You will only feel these feelings for a moment and immediately get up to face the problems.

4. Stop judging others

Your complaint is not infrequently derived from our habit of judging the actions of others. We often compare what we get with what others get, and what we have done and others do not do. Overvaluing other people’s actions makes you forget about yourself, and many of them eventually lead to feelings of stress and frustration.