5 tips to Improve Your Adaptation

There are several things in this life that are related to the plan for the future, and the most important thing for your plan to be realized is the extent to which you can adapt. Adaptation is the ability to change (or be changed) to adjust to changing circumstances. The more adaptable, the more you can survive. If on the contrary, you will be left behind and may be crushed by an era wheel.

However, don’t be pessimistic. Adaptation includes a skill so you can improve. To help you realize that goal, here are 5 proven strategies you need to do.

1. Accept changes

Change is everywhere. For this reason, accept these changes. Why? Because changes are beyond your control.
There is no point in rejecting or resenting change. The more you reject or hate it, the more stress you make. See surfers. They do not fight waves of sea water, but follow them so that amazing movements are created.

Another example, Google continues to update its search algorithm. I accept this change. I don’t hate Google. I’m not prejudiced that they have “shrimp behind a rock”. I was even amazed at their efforts to update the algorithm because it “cleansed” websites or blogs that were not qualified from Google searches.

2. Open your mind

After accepting the change, open your mind. With an open mind, you will:

• Gain new thoughts and ideas
• Obtain new opportunities
• Give yourself opportunities to change
• Enjoy life more

For example, you have been promoting your products from house to house. With an open mind, you know that social media is currently trending. Therefore, you will try social media (for example Facebook and Twitter) to promote your product.

Imagine if your mind is closed. You might not want to try promotions on the internet so you won’t get new ideas and opportunities.

3. Willing to study and practice

Change usually brings new knowledge and technology. Convince yourself to be available to learn the new science and technology. Not only that, practice what you learn so that it is more efficient. Remember, people who practice are better than people who know. By learning and practicing, your confidence will strengthen by itself.

For example, since 2009 I know email marketing. I read it from my favorite foreign bloggers. However, I only know it. Do not want to miss, I allow myself to practice direct email marketing to offer products from my business. As time goes by I get a lot of lessons from this new thing

Indeed, many mistakes I made. However, I continue to study and practice so that now I am confident using email marketing.

Regardless, if you have trouble learning something, for example internet marketing, ask yourself the following three simple questions:

• What is internet marketing? (what)
• Why should I use internet marketing? (why)
• How to use internet marketing to increase sales of my products? (how)

By asking these three questions, whether you realize it or not, you will be passionate about finding the answer. Well, the process of finding these answers is learning and practicing. Simple, right?
If you are the type of learner who needs a mentor, look for the best mentor. Do not hesitate to pay a fee because it will be commensurate with the knowledge and experience you get.

For example, a friend told me that two years ago he had attended a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) training. He spent more than $ 1.700 for training that lasted for a week. I was amazed, and asked him: “Why do you want to take part in such an expensive training?” He answered simply, “I want to learn from the best”.

4. Get out of the comfort zone

People who resist change usually don’t want to get out of their comfort zones. You don’t have to be like that. Get out of your comfort zone by making new challenges.

For example, if you currently have a business that earns $ 100,000 per month, make a different new business. In addition to honing your new business skills, this new project will ensure that your first success is not luck alone.

In practice, this new project will make you uncomfortable because you have to spend time and maybe money. However, that doesn’t matter because if the new project is successful, your comfort zone will increase. Plus, you also diversify the source of income (don’t put eggs in one basket).

5. Have strong determination

Change is indiscriminate. Therefore, you must have a strong determination to survive the changes. Characteristic, you are diligently completing work or solving problems. Thus, you continue to act until you reach your goal.

Regarding problem solving, be creative in solving problems that confront. For this purpose, you can do the following:

• Find the root of the problem
• Make a list of solutions from the root of the problem
• Experiment with these solutions

There will always be changes in your professional and personal life. Do not reject these changes, but adapt. Remember, only people who adapt survive, not the strongest or smartest people. Try the seven strategies above to improve your adaptation. I am optimistic you will be able to survive any changes.