4 Ways to brighten your room

The atmosphere in the house depends on the interior arrangement. Not only the selection of furniture but the choice of paint color in the house also determines. Each color used will give a distinctive impression. Therefore, you must be able to blend the colors of the walls and furniture properly.

Usually in a house there will be a room that seems dark. Lack of windows which results in a lack of outside lighting. Not only the lack of lighting but the wrong use of the interior also caused the atmosphere of the room to turn dark.

The following are the steps you can take to change the atmosphere of your dark room:

1. Change the paint color

The dark atmosphere of the room can be caused by improper paint color selection. The color of the paint and will reflect the light from your lamp, therefore you have to choose the appropriate paint color that can reflect the light of the lamp and give a roomy impression.

You can experiment with other colors besides white to get a more lively atmosphere. Use wall paint with bright colors like pastel, yellow, etc. You can also use dark colors like blue navy but by combining them with other colors, like white, creating contrasting colors that can make the room brighter.

2. Choose furniture appropriately

The choice of the color of the furniture you use will affect the appearance of your room. Furniture with bright colors will add to the brightness of your room that used to look dark. In addition to colors you also need to consider the shape of the size and number. Avoid using large-sized furniture, slim-sized furniture is recommended and do not stack too much furniture in one room. A large number and large size will create a dark and narrow room atmosphere.

3. Proper lighting

Besides being advised to increase the number of windows in your room, so that more sunlight can come in, you can also use artificial light to treat it. For a dark room you can add several artificial light sources in every dark corner of your room. The size of the lamp that can be used does not have to be large. Using small lights at the right angle can add to the light of your room, and the use of lights with colors other than white, like yellow, can give a warm impression. Use a small lamp that is placed on each step can help lighting as well as the lamp placed in a corner with the right color of the wall will reflect light.

4. Maximize light reflection

To increase the brightness of your dark room, you must maximize the spread of light in your room. One way that can be used is to use a mirror or use glossy wallpaper for your wall. Mirrors and shiny wallpaper coating will increase the spread of the light in your room.