Signs Of Toxic People You Need To Know Immediately

We live in a social community, which makes us have to interact with various people every day. We are friends with various personalities, ranging from those who have positive personalities to those who have dangerous personalities. It would be great if we were surrounded by those with positive personalities, but not everyone around us was pleasant.

Some people have personalities that are contrary to what they show. Those who have this kind of personality are just as troublesome as those who have a “negative” personality. Surrounding yourself with these personality types can affect you, because our energy is also affected by people around us. You must be able to recognize people of that type, those who can weaken your energy and learn to face when you have to deal with them.

The following are signs of toxic people you need to know:

  1. Manipulative
    Feeling manipulated or used by your friends? Your friend will use various ways to make you want to follow his will. They also do not hesitate to lie, make false stories so that you trust and obey them. Your friend belongs to the category of toxic people. Toxic people often even twist facts, they will try to corner you, and make you in the position of the guilty party. They argue that everything they do to you is because of what we have done for them. Even they will try to make you owe them a debt and make you feel must repay their services.
  1. Condescending and dismissive
    If you have friends who are toxic people you will realize that they often do not respecting you. For toxic people themselves they are the most important and you are just someone meaningless. Whatever you achieve will not be meaningful before them. They will continue to compare and underestimate what you get to stay ahead of you. They don’t like it if you are better than them.
  1. Everything about them
    Associated with earlier signs, toxic people always put themselves. When you communicate with them you will find that throughout the time of your conversation with them, almost all topics of conversation are about them. What you will tell them is always shared by comparing themselves, whether it is about feeling to success. They also feel themselves who must always be prioritized, so that they will always put their interests above the others.
  1. Drama queen
    Toxic people tend to overreact everything and exaggerate their stories. Toxic people don’t even hesitate to lie about something just to get sympathy and become the center of attention of others. You will always hear stories of misfortune and fortune that are extraordinary, and as if other people will not experience it. They also have the habit of overly complaining to ordinary things.
  1. They are hard to apologize and forgive
    In this social life, sometimes we make mistakes to others and vice versa, and to solve the problems we forgive each other. But for toxic people it’s not easy. They assume that whatever their circumstances are right, we must apologize to them, and they are not reluctant to turn the facts so they look right. Even if we make mistakes, they are reluctant to forgive immediately and prefer to raise the problem first. To get attention and attract sympathy from people, they make the problem become a drama stage first and then forgive.
  1. You and others try to avoid them
    You and the people around you feel embarrassed to be around that person. Toxic people have the habit of giving negative comments or finding fault with others. People feel insecure when close to them because of that. For people close to them, toxic people tend to be possessive to them. Toxic people hate when competition arises and does not become the only thing you notice. That is why people are reluctant to be around toxic people.