Effects Of Water Deficient

How many glasses of water you need in a day? Generally, each person needs 8 glasses of water per day, equivalent to 2 liters of water. But recent research says that everyone’s water needs vary depending on each person’s weight and activity. So the number of water needs for each person is different.

Differences person’s weight affects the amount of water needs per day. The heavier a person is, the more water is needed. To calculate the required amount of water per day based on weight is to multiply your weight by 30 milligrams of water. The amount obtained will also be different, depending on the activity and physical condition of the person.

Those who exercise require water in an amount more, about 350 ml for 0.5 hour. As well as pregnant and lactating mothers. Levels of water needed by their bodies 300 – 600 ml more than their total basic needs. If your water needs do not meet the minimum will cause some impact on your body and health.

1. Skin becomes dry

We know that most of our body consists of water. The thing that will happen if your water intake is lacking is your skin becomes dry. Lack of water intake will cause our skin to be less hydrated, as a result the skin becomes dry like noisy and cracked. In addition, the skin will become difficult to sweat so that the disposal of dirt through the skin is disturbed.

2. Constipation and less urination

Lack of water consumption will cause you to have difficulty defecating and constipation. Not only that, lack of water intake will also result in absorption of food nutrients. Insufficient water intake in the large intestine will cause the stool to become solid. If you consume the right amount of water, it can help your constipation problems and get rid of the water to become more routine. The color of urine will also become more concentrated if you don’t consume enough water. In more severe cases can lead to infection of the ureter.

3. Easy to feel hungry

Have you ever felt hungry not at your meal time, so that you eat a variety of snacks. In a variety of diet methods, it is recommended that you consume the right amount of water. Consuming the right amount of water will help you avoid “false hunger” where the body actually signals that it needs water but is misunderstood as hungry.

4. Easy to feel tired and concentration problems.

Like feeling hungry, lack of water intake will cause you to be easily tired and tired. This is because the body takes water from the blood to meet the body’s water needs. As a result, oxygen intake is reduced so that the body feels tired easily. Not only that, lack of oxygen intake in the body also results in decreased brain concentration.

5. Bad breath disorder.

If you have ever suffered bad breath problems but there is no problems in your mouth, then you need to consider the lack of drinking. Lack of water in the body causes mucus in the body is not produced properly, but it can cause interference in your stomach, where the condition becomes more acidic which results in bad breath.

6. Premature aging

This is what women fear. The skin ages prematurely, and results in an appearance that looks older than actual age. Lack of water intake will reduce the level of elasticity of your skin and inhibit the regeneration of your skin cells. As a result the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.