4 Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic People

Toxic people are around you all the time, whether it’s your neighbor, your friend or your co-worker. Without you realize you are always involved with them. The more you engage with them the more your life feels unpleasant. Every time you talk about and deal with them you feel tired, drained until angry and unhappy. There always seems to be something wrong, which you sometimes can’t tell about the toxic people around you.

Dealing with toxic people for long periods of time does not provide for your kindness. Releasing them from your life also requires an effort and process. The following are steps to get rid of toxic people:

1. Be aware of who is toxic people in your life

To stop the effects of toxic people in your life, first realize who is toxic people in your life, because the longer they are near you the more you are not aware of their presence. You must realize what they have done to you all this time, and what impact it has on you. Once you have found it, immediately make a decision and go to the next step.

2. Start saying “NO”

You must begin to make limits to where toxic people can enter your life, and to what extent you can connect with them. If all this time they manipulate you realize the situation and the ways they manipulate you. Learn to say no when you recognize the signs they will begin to manipulate you.

In learning to say no to toxic people you also have to understand that you must respect yourself too. They will begin to leverage your guilt when you reject their request, but if you refuse because you respect yourself it is not difficult. Refuse in a subtle way too, so they can accept and realize that you cannot be manipulated.

3. Set your limits

Not only do you have to learn to say no, but you also have to emphasize to them about their limits, how far they can go. Make a new habit with them, such as not picking up their phone during your break, so that they become aware and are accustomed not to spread their poison to you again. Associated with toxic people has created a habit between you and them, and the habit must be changed to create a new relationship.

4. Accept and release

Realize that your relationship with toxic people will not go well until one person changes. You must be able to accept the fact that all this time you have been manipulated and used by them and let go of all your attachments with them. Forgive yourself for letting them be in your life and forgive them for everything they do to you so you can start a new step without them.